Hi, I’m Bartosz Trocha

Bartosz.love is where I share things that bring love, joy & understanding

Amazing moments / heartwarming stories / feel-good philosophy / wellbeing tools / sublime art delivered through daily journals, personal essays & deep-dive articles

🌄 I. Hi Bartosz, who are you?

Hi, I'm Bartosz Trocha.

I’m a dad & husband.

I've been a venture capitalist, startup advisor & internet creator.

Ever since leaving venture in 2019, I’ve collected a few unusual experiences, including:

🖋️ writing ~8000 pages of daily journals

🎥 filming vlogs in Uruguay

🥰 becoming a guinea pig for all things wellbeing (inc. Zen, meditation, yoga, therapy, psychodelics)

🏝️ living in Thailand & Cambodia, Amsterdam, Polish countryside & with my mother-in-law

I love the sea, making gratitude lists, yoga, starting days when the world is still asleep, house music & when my son says “Tati, (j)edzonko” - which means “Daddy, food is ready”.

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🎑 II. What is Bartosz.love?

I keep a journal documenting pretty much everything I do.

People I meet, problems I face, adventures I have, things I’m grateful for, amazing moments, travel stories, therapy diaries, recipes for good life, secrets, dillemas, stuff I’ve written high - it’s all here.

My journals are how I fill my days with love, joy and understanding.

Bartosz.love is where I share the best bits of my journey.

III. 🗃️ What can you find here?

For start, I’ve curated a collection of stories, tools, and notes-to-self that helped me overcome depression, anxiety, burnout, addiction & panic attacks.

My healing journey has taken (so far) ~1000 hours of meditation, 4 years of daily journaling, 500+ yoga classes, 30+ sessions of IFS autotherapy, traditional talk therapy, immersion in Zen & eastern philosophy, and countless other experiments (floating, hypnosis, cold exposure, etc).

What I’m sharing below is sort of a “The Best of” compliation based on my personal experience.

These thoughts & strategies truly helped me, and I hope they can do the same for you.

[🇵🇱] - written in Polish

A.Tools & Know-how

B. Stories / Mémoir

C. Notes-to-self (aka Comfort Shorts 🩳)

IV. 🔮 What’s coming?

A. 💌 Current Love Letters

The project I’m most excited about is sharing more of my daily life.

Real people, real smiles, real moments - this new chapter is all about finding joy in ordinary.

You can expect: days full of adventures / lots of amazing moments / neverending gratitude lists / photos & videos / music, art & other things that excite & inspire me.

Sprinkled with chef’s special - a dash of philosophy & thinking aloud.

B. 🤿 New Explorations & Deep-dives

My quest for the good life is definietely not over.

Here are a couple avenues I am currently exploring, and will likely publish more about in the coming months:

Creative process / ZEN / Neuroscience / Psychodelics / Somatic Experiencing / Longevity / Movement / Solopreneurship & Creator Economy / Wealth

C. 🎁 Past Treasure Box

The things I’ve published so far are just a sample of work I’ve accumulated over the last 4 years.

My drawers are bubbling up with stories & thoughts I intend to share, including:

Philosophy, inc. living in the present, giving, gratitude, self-love
Quitting 9 to 5 & my journey towards new life-work
Memories, inc. the day my son was born, week in bohemian Montevideo, countryside summer days
Healing trauma, inc. a series of notes from therapy
Explorations into altered states of conciousness

V. 💕 Support me

In the beginning, writing was a stricly personal affair - my quirky way of authoterapy, problem solving & feeling good.

Somewhere along the road, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of turning what I do into more than a hobby - Bartosz.love is my way to make it happen.

If my work has made your life more joyful, helped you find a new perspective or served you in any other way, please consider becoming a supporter.

You can do it in couple ways:

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👋 VI. Contact

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💖 Love, Bartosz

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