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🎴 I. About Me
💮 II. Project & Advisory Work
🌌 III. Collaboration Opportunities

🎴 I. About Me

⏱️ In 10 seconds:

Writer: 8000+ pages of daily journals / 25+ articles
Creator: 50+ videos
5000+ hours in Wellbeing
Now: www.bartosz.love + project & advisory
Ex-VC & startup operator

⌛ In 3 minutes:

A. Writing / Creating / Media

📔 Wrote 8000+ pages of pen & paper journals documenting everything from becoming a dad, thru depression & burnout, to therapy notes, travel stories & everyday magical moments

✒️ Published 25+ articles on topics ranging from mental health & wellbeing to venture capital & AI. Top article generated 40k+ views, tens of business opportunities, and recognition as thought leader in the field

📹 Co-produced 50+ videos - from filming fabolous eco houses in South America, thru commercials & lifestyle vlogs, to starring in mental health awareness campaign

B. Wellbeing / Mental Health

🧘‍♂️ Personal healing journey: 1000+ hours of meditation, 4,5 years of daily journaling, 500+ yoga classes, 30+ sessions of IFS autotherapy, immersion in Zen & eastern philosophy, and countless other experiments (floating, hypnosis, cold exposure, etc).

🧠 Worked with stoic.(YC19), Therapify & Wellbee

📃 Published series of deep-dive articles & memoir essays portraying my recovery process

C. Startups / Venture Capital

💰 Helped Sonarhome, Wedding.pl, Moc.vc raise EUR 40M+ in funding

💸 Venture capital investing for Protos.vc & Data Ventures - 15+ investments, 2000+ analyzed opportunities, working directly with dozens of entrepreneurs & investors

📈 Growing Wedding.pl from 10 to 47 employees, 5x customers, 4x revenue

D. Other

📰 Work featured by Hackernoon, ProductHunt, Forbes, Puls Biznesu

🌿 Strategy advisor for Savagaya - hybrid media platform x sustainable architecture studio

🎓Graduated double masters in Law@University of Warsaw & Finance@Warsaw School of Economics

💮 II. Project & Advisory Work

I occasionally take on project & advisory arrangements for interesting projects & people.

Things I can help you with:

  • creating content

  • early-stage marketing / building audience

  • fundraising

  • strategy

  • creativity, productivity, philosophy & wellbeing

If this is of interest, click below to contact me directly.

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🌌 III. Collaboration Opportunities

👩‍⚕️ 1. Sharing My Data & Experiences to Empower Life-Enhancing Products & Research

🔬 2. Frontiers of Wellbeing - Guinea Piggin’ & Talking About it

📕 3. Turning My Journals Into…

👩‍⚕️​ 1. Sharing My Data & Experiences to Empower Life-Enhancing Products & Research

One idea I am really excited about is using my data & experiences, inc:

  • 4,5 years & 8000+pages of of daily stream of conciousness journals

  • Detailed notes from therapy, meditation sessions, psychedelic trips, self-coaching exercises, wellbeing experiments, philosophical explorations, etc.

  • Activity logs, health data, thousands of photos & videos

to build products & inform scientific research (example below).

The magnitude & quality of my dataset, combined with the recent advancements in AI, could unlock a world of possibilities.

Here are 3 potential avenues we could explore together, as suggested by ChatGPT:

I. Personal development and mental health support tools:

With your extensive collection of journals, therapy notes, meditation sessions, and self-coaching exercises, you could develop innovative personal development and mental health support tools. These tools could leverage artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques to provide personalized insights, recommendations, and exercises. By analyzing patterns in your experiences and anonymizing the data, these tools could offer guidance for understanding oneself better, setting goals, managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. Additionally, this data could contribute to broader mental health support systems and assist in training models that provide assistance to a larger user base.

II. Algorithmic creativity:

The philosophical explorations, psychedelic trips, and creative activities documented in your data could be used to explore the boundaries of algorithmic creativity. By training machine learning models on your experiences and using generative techniques, it may be possible to create new and novel artistic expressions, music compositions, or even literary works. This could lead to the development of AI-driven creative tools that collaborate with human users in the creative process.

III. Cognitive and behavioral research and longitudinal well-being studies:

Your extensive collection of data could serve as a valuable resource for researchers studying various aspects of human cognition and behavior, as well as conducting longitudinal studies on well-being. By anonymizing and aggregating the data, researchers can uncover patterns, trends, and insights related to emotional states, decision-making processes, creativity, personal growth, resilience, and life satisfaction. This research could have implications for fields such as psychology, neuroscience, human-computer interaction, and inform interventions and strategies for promoting well-being in individuals and communities.

📞 So if you are:

Entrepreneur / Product Builder
in AI Therapy / Intelligent Journals / Mood tracking / Generative AI / LLMs / etc

Researcher, scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist
who could benefit from studying me & my notes

Please, contact me directly.

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🔬 2. Frontiers of Wellbeing - Guinea Piggin’ & Talking About It

Another idea I am excited about is teaming up with experts to dive even deeper into health & wellbeing, and create awesome content from my journey.

In other words, doing what I’ve done with:

⚒️ How I Stay Happy - Tools & How to Get Started

💆🏻‍♂️ Moja terapia w pytaniach i odpowiedziach // Therapy FAQ

…and taking it to next level (video series?)

Thanks to our collaboration, we could leverage my personal, in-depth experience as a use case to provide your clients with an authentic understanding of how your product or service works and the benefits it brings.

Areas I am especially excited about:

🍄Psychodelics / 🤏Somatic Experiencing/ 🌬️Breathwork / 🌀Hypnosis / 🧪Longevity / 🤸‍♀️Movement / 🐼Zen

📞 So if you are:

Wellbeing Company or Expert
who would like to co-create stunning content about your services or products

Please, contact me directly.

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📕​ 3. Turning My Journals Into…

Within the pages of my journals lies a treasure trove of fascinating stories and captivating content:

  • stories & memories - from day-to-day countryside living, thru quitting 9-5, backpacking the world, and becoming a dad, all the way to childhood memories, exploring altered states of conciouness, and healing trauma

  • philosophical musings - thousands of entries touching upon topics like self-love, living in the present, gratitude, balance

  • oddities & rarities - letters, notes, mindmaps, drawings, business ideas, poems, drafts, and who knows what else

Together, we can transform these notes into something truly magical, whether it's a book, a TV series script, a series of blog posts, or any other exciting creative endeavor.

📞 So if you are:

Co-Writer / Editor
who can help me elevate my work to new creative heights

Book Publisher / Literary Agent / Creative Producer
who’s got an idea how to turn my journals & story into works of art

Please, contact me directly.

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